About Us

We are one of the major suppliers for pharmaceutical products and laboratory equipments like medical devises and diagnostic kits to government as well as private labs in Sudan.

We have an excellent team who work in the field of medical marketing, we are able to cover all parts of the country, our sales reached 1500,000$ in the last year,

We cater to government and private hospitals, pharmacies, health insurance companies and private clinic.

We have 25 employees out of which 18 of them are pharmacists who represent the company. We also have 4 warehouses.

We managed to cover most parts of Sudan, distributing medicines to most parts of Sudan.


Our Vision

We are working so that Taha drugs & chemicals company becomes a Leading company in field of importing and distributing of medicine, in such a way to be an ideal example of a regional medicine distributor in terms of staff, Clients, and competitors.

Our Mission

Taha drugs & chemicals company  works to import and distribute products of good quality that assist the specialists in the field of health care as well as the patients in acquiring the best results.


Our values

We strive for:

Total quality and excellence:

We strive for excellence, our aspirations are noble and our values adhere to the principle of total quality.

Leadership and teamwork:

We are very committed to the consolidation of individual and institutional leadership roles that leads to economic and vocational development, innovation and learning at the individual and institutional levels so that activities are based on contribution, cooperation and usage of the necessary tools for the realization of excellence

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